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Just got the Indivision AGA MK2 today and thought I'd try out the new core, but it doesn't seem to work with my monitor in Xtreme mode (using DVI-D).

First picture is with old core which work, 2nd picture is new core which doesn't (640x512 mode, but it's the same in 1280x1024).

My monitor detects the resolution as 1351x1028@45 Hz with old core and 1276x1025@59 Hz using the new core. If the Indivision thinks it is outputting 1280 pixel per line and the monitor only sees it as 1276, that would account for why every line is shifted 4 pixel relative to the previous.

The new core seems to work fine in PAL mode (with garbage at the bottom like the others) with scanlines.

The old core also looks like it is pixel-perfect so I'll be using that one for now, although the new core looks a lot better in PAL due to the scanline emulation which is not there in the old one.

Too bad it doesn't look very good in games as Vsync is messed up completely so everything moves very uneven.

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