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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
This, and the neat form factor, screen tweaks, good built-in controls etc, are the important points in this niche. It attracted the devs, which meant it got good emulators. If a platform isn't attracting the devs who make good software that is 'your kind of killer apps' (as opposed to the ultimate Twitter or Stocks app), it doesn't matter if it has 100 GHz.

The Archos gamepad looks a bit better than the clip-on thingy for Iphone (where you also map buttons to on-screen ones in an existing emulator), but will the kinds of devs we want to do emulation flock to it? Certainly not to Iphone, since emulation requires users to jailbreak it. Android has freer distribution options than the strictly controlled sales channel Iphone has, but whether the emulator versions actually *make it* to the Archos depends on how good the documentation and support is for it.

A way of making another batch of Pandoras happen could be to make it a Kickstarter project.
Having used Android myself for a number of years now; you will find most of the common emulators available there with good performance and decent compatibility on Android 2.2 and upward.

Regarding Pandora and Kickstarter, I'm not so sure that would work out well. It seems that team behind Pandora has burned a lot of good will and given itself a less than stellar reputation from people I've spoken to that own one.

I'm not sure we will see any quad core ARM CPU/GPU Pandora models anytime soon which is quickly becoming the norm for other mobile devices running Android. I think the ship has left the dock for OpenPandora like it did with Game Park.
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