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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Funny, crap? Go back and look at the threads about "what will you use your Panda for" or " what are you using your panda for", and pretty much everyone admits to running emulators. Very few has it dedicated to nothing but work, and no emulation, where as the opposite is rather common.
you plucked stats out of your arse, "95% of the people buying one is using it as an emulator platform" I call bullcrap. Not everyone who ownes one posts on the forums or participates in polls, join an irc channel and see how much discussion is about emulation amongst the hundreds of people in there.

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
It also has no keyboard, or touchscreen. Whats your point, really?
Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
And as such pretty much the old PSP is equal.
Losing track of your crap talking?
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