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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
The thing is, 95% of the people buying one is using it as an emulator platform. And as such pretty much the old PSP is equal.
Yes and no. I own a PSP and have been wondering about getting a Pandora for quite a while.

Consoles (up to 16-bit + PSX and GBA) and arcade (up to CPS2) are pretty well covered on the PSP.

ST, Amiga and DOS are not emulated well enough to my liking. True, you can play decently some games but it is not the most pleasing experience (frame skipping, sound issues, disk images not working etc...). And it is well advised to have everything prepared on the PC before tranferring things because changing them from the PSP side can be tedious.

And also good luck playing some games requiring a lot of keyboard input: ofc text adventures, but also flight simulations like Gunship/GS2000 which use far more keys that can be binded to the PSP buttons (or you would need a lot of combinations, good luck remembering all of them).

So basically, if you have no specific emulation aims and are ready to play a bit of everything retro, then you have a better deal with the PSP (or some smartphones).
However, if you want to play in a comfortable way - emulation-wise and even physically: for instance lying on your back in your bed - I don't see a better thing.

The high price tag has refrained me from buying a Pandora because between the DS/PSP/emulation on both/emulation on PC/other leisures I believe it would be a waste of money.
If I was offered one (or found a cheap one) I would probably use it quite a lot.
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