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So the "ATX" trained, 1-disked version seems to be the good one.
Cyberzerk (1993)(boeder)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr ACS][t +10 ATX]
1-disked version ??? Why is the file named "Disk 1 of 2" then ???

Game: Oxyd
Cracker: SKR
Trainer: n/a
Files & CRC/MD5:
Oxyd (1992)(dongleware)(m3)[cr skr].adf
Because of the crack, who eliminates all magic tokens, lvl 39 can't be completed. There's a magic token in the upper part of the lvl, which blocks a laser. If the magic token is destroyed, the laser hits the button and the door is forever closed. No chance of completing this lvl.
Is there any other working cracked version so ? I see a "Oxyd (1992)(Dongleware)(M3)[f HD][h NA][WB]" in the TOSEC set, so what about this one ?

Finally, i also did read here (but without being sure) that Gem'X isn't correctly cracked ? Can someone can confirm this or the contrary please (yes i know i am late as always lol) ? I see cracks by GIN, SSP and Two Life Crew.

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