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I fully agree that the current price isnt doing them any favours but I can understand why they have done it.

You can find em used for reasonable prices, buy a set of case plastics from the german webshop and bingo. minty fresh.

I still use mine daily and its the 256mb version, it does everything I want except youtube and I could do that if I really wanted to download the vids first etc.... (I have a 512mb version as well but I only changed the case plastics on the 256mb one so far so I use that.)

The Amiga and PSX emulators really are awesome. PSX got a nice update recently, you can play games in higher resolution.

Put it up against any netbook/tablet/phone/android game console you want, it really is a totally different animal. Its like someone took all of those things and mashed them into one.
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