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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
It's the qwerty keyboard on a handheld that really sold it for me. I couldn't emulate my fave games from the 80s and 90s without one. Simples
As in simply connected to it no fiddling around.... Clamshell design, nubs and keyboard.
Natural community evolution from gp2x too
Does exactly what I wanted it for. I'm happy with it.
They've certainly had their share of disasters along the way and it's terrible that some people still waiting for a unit but given how much money they lost with certain companies in the production process its amazing that people are receiving units at all.
Outdated tech? Undoubtedly but as its purpose is to emulate even more outdated tech then why is it such an issue. Why would anyone fork out crazy money for an "outdated PPC" NG Amiga system? For the reason I got a pandora... not because it's cutting edge but because it checks certain boxes.
I really don't understand the level of aggression on this thread tbh.
Chill out guys...
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