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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
There are none. Nothing that has the DPad and keyboard, plus nubs... Which is the whole problem.

They can charge what they like for it, because there's nothing better. I bought mine for £200, and felt it was just about right at that. There's no way I'll be buying their Pandora 2 - the P1 is such a massive all-rounder that the P2 is pointless.

The 1GHz version isn't worth the extra money, and it's incompatible to boot - some games have texture errors due to bugs in the new gfx drivers for the updated SGX.

Bugs can be fixed, price tag should be around 200 GBP, objects roughly the Pandora's size exist that have faster hardware, unit delivery is disappointing, all this is true.

I reacted to FOL's post because I think the Pandora *is* something we might not see from another manufacturer, ie. more than the box of bits it is.

Who emulates Amiga or any other retro platform on the mighty Androids and Iphones? Nobody, because the screen is tiny and you can't do squat in the emulators, however good they make them.

I'm glad the emu devs got a good platform to update for, and this will help emulation on (loosely) ARM-Linuxish platforms in general. I hope for it to generate at least some portbacks to all kinds of similar handhelds, like the Gamepark handhelds - cos they're nice too
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