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Originally Posted by scu98rkr View Post
Hey Guys,

I see alot of these are AGA/RTG only.

I just managed to get DOOM to run on my Amiga630. Using the special indivision setting to use the chunky mode.

I also know that you can use the Picasso96 driver in workbench to provide 256 colour modes. Would I be able to use this RTG mode in any of these games ?

Or do any of them support the graffiti chunky mode ?

DOOM's special chunky mode (aka direct frame buffer) is a bit slow, the P96 ECS driver is based on this mode so it's also slow I'm afraid.
Some of these games do support Graffiti but unfortunately Graffiti is also slow on ECS, better to go for AGA or RTG if you want some 256 color speed
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