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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
JXD devices had only few firmware updates - last one removed all emulators from JXD V3. How anyone can trust them now. And what can you do when you brick your chinese console - there is no support.
After a 5 second Google search, help is here .....if needed?

As for emulators, it's Android, so plenty out there.

Nothing is perfect, I just wish other cost options where available for the Pandora, to make it more accessible to the average user.

I'd buy one at £150.00 but not £535.65 (current sterling price for 1 Ghz Pandora)

The simple question is, can someone produce the Pandora at a consumer friendly price point?....I'm sure sales would be much improved.

Look at Raspberry PI..... licensed and selling like hot cakes.

' TC: What are your total sales of the Raspberry Pi to date?

Eben: Currently we've shipped about 400,000 – that’s since March, we expect to pass the half million point in the next month or so; we expect to have sold about a million — looking at the projections – about 12 months in so in our first year we will have sold about a million'

OK this is £30 bare bones device, but the business model clearly works for them....much the same as ARM holdings....who don't make a single chip yet Billions are in everyday devices!!!!

I'm sure the Pandora developers are fiercely protective of their 'baby', but surely they would want everyone to join their club?

Sell me a 'Consumer Freindly' priced Pandora, and I'm in
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