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Thanks Mrs B- looks similar to a sorting method I was using to order the blits a while back. As for the music, blitz2 supports octamed and soundtracker formats, but for me it seemed the player for the soundtracker was broken – probably a compatibility issue. The med player is a touch awkward but at least it works and with standard blitz libraries atm. Would love to try another player though. Lot's of research to do...

Hmm, my problem with the US. Gold version was the lack of interesting gameplay and atmosphere – combo system gone, enemies just gang up on you. By then I'd become kind of sad when I saw their name on the tin – you just hoped they hadn't fluffed another one up. I'm positive you could have got more 'game' in the OCS version, even with the frame cut – all the moves are potentially there, and AI can be developed? With AGA, still got to fit in more baddy types, a load of objects etc. I play the OCS to have a look at how it was done – still got some respect for it (you should have played it on ST , besides, I've still got a way to go to catch it in some respects), but yeah, I wouldn't be doing this if I was satisfied with that version.

And beat-em-ups just play better with music+fx! Interwrestling fact! Not sure why it was so often missing with the miggy's great sound capabilities - you often get one or the other. A lot of this must be down to development time...
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