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Thanks guys for helping, it's just a pity it doesn't seem to work. I'm not the coder so I don't know what the actual coder did (or didn't do) in order for it to not work right on the emulators. I guess there's not much to do then except for maybe wait for a new version of WinUAE to come out that can handle it?

But no, the demo won't probably run in 2.0 or higher, it was made for an 1.3. I'm not even sure if it runs on an 1.2.

Did anyone try the other demos from that site, and did they seem to run fine? Even on other versions than 1.3? I guess they're not the best demos out there, but hope you like them anyway, they weren't spread alot back then in the early 90's, so they're pretty rare I guess and most people haven't seen them before.

Oh, and that mod.. LOL!.. it was some silly mod that were used in the demo as a "naughty bonus", kind of like an easter egg I guess. It's some silly x-rated "song" in Swedish. It also had a naughty animation to go with it. That's probably why they removed this demo from Aminet. But I am not sure why they put that naughty animation in the demo to begin with. The funny part of the demo would be the first part (with an XCopy screen) though, so if anyone got to at least see that part, that was the purpose of the demo.
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