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Been testing it a bit more with the new version (0.5, save states ) and I am more impressed than ever. Managed to finish Moonstone even with that damn crash bug that happens when you try to fight the final guardian.

The config file it uses is compatible with winUAE so I can basically take any config I know works for a game on my PC and with a few tweaks it works ok on the Xbox. Only problem I have found so far is that it only emulates one joystick button so playing the CD32 version of Pirates! Gold did not go all that well.

Your Xbox does need to be modded but that is a small price to pay, this and XBMP make the Xbox a great purchase, to be honest I have not played a actual Xbox game for ages!

Last point, using UAE on the Xbox goes a long way to addressing the way emulators "feel" on the PC. It so much closing to the real thing, I may have to pack up my Amiga`s and reclaim my spare room!
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