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Update sorry guys my ACA1232 started crashing but all fixed ! right used game `Mad Professor Mariati `as crash test. It would not play this game as some poster previous had mentioned( and yes it crashed after intro sound crap aswell),so did the timing fix mobo out resistors removed(E123c and E125c) and Bingo! Yatzi!The mad Pro was Madder than ever
All done so can confirm will prob need fix if not already done but if I can do it in under 20mins then anyone can my Mobo is 1D4.
Just wanted to let everyone know that my ACA1232 seemingly worked fine on a Commodore 2B board, but further testing revealed a freezing problem with some games. I know a 2B board is an obvious candidate for the fix, but I thought I'd best see if it worked first without doing the fix.
Alien Breed 3D would freeze a few minutes into play (always before I managed to complete the first level), and the same goes with Alien Breed 3DII TKG. Also, Mad Professor Mariati would freeze during the intro, just before getting to the high score table.

So, I removed E123C and E125C, and everything has worked fine since then. I haven't yet found a game that doesn't work! (Touching wood right now).

Just for the record, the card works fine in my Revision 1A A1200 (no modifications to that board, and none known to be needed AFAIK).
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