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Thanks Nova!

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Yep you got it, so basically:

stock 1200 CPU with 4MB RAM: Gives you a basic WDHLOAD machine than can run nearly all of the older games (OES/ECS/AGA). FPU pointless.

030 with 32+ MB RAM: This gives you a better WHDLOAD machine and at least makes an attempt at more demanding things like playing MP3's and accessing the Internet (still very slow on the Net of course). FPU is a nice addition to an 030 but it's not really needed.

060: Allows you do run the latest 68k demos/games and my ports

It will also play Mp3's very well and will do a better job of using the Internet than the 030.

FPU makes sense with an 040/060
Hi Nova,

Thank you. That helps clears up any doubts in our mind as to the capabilities of our a1200 - much appreciated.

From the advice we have been given, we have decided against using the internet on our machine due to it's lower than recommended setup and instead to use the pcmcia slot for data/file transfer to the Amiga.

We hear that expansion boards with fast ram of 8MB+ can be problematic with Ethernet pcmcia cards on machines using 3.1roms (like us) and that doing so may require psychically changing the jumpers on the expansion board in order to get it to work properly. With our low level of amiga hardware knowledge, this is probably best avoided.

Playing MP3's sounds very good though, but with the cost of obtaining those necessary 030+ accelerator cards, it maybe a little bit expensive.

Thanks again for your advice Nova. We appreciate it and will bear it in mind for the future.

Best wishes, c

ps - Melbourne, huh? That's our favorite part of Australia
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