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My first post - I probably found a workaround to use AR MK3 with KS 2 and 3 (with WINUAE).
What I did was the following:
I started WINUAE with KS 2.04 (37.175) and AR 3 ROM v. 3.17.
This always gave me the splash screen of AR 3 and next a green screen (and constanly reboots).
Then I pressed F12 and changed the KS ROM from 2.04 to 2.05 (rev. 37.299), 3.0 (rev. 39.106) or 3.1 (rev. 40.63). For the versions 3.0 and 3.1 I also changed the processor (68.000 to 68.030) and the Full ECS chipset to AGA.
Then I pressed 'Reset' and then I'm always getting the editor menu of the AR3 (without splash screen).
You can exit the editor with 'x' and then you get the startup KS-screen.
Pressing PgUP brings you back to the editor screen.
I tested it with Overkill and KS 3.1 with Aga chipset and 68.030 and the trainer worked.
(Found extra lives at 0228cb and 0229c5).
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