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Any chance we'll see HLSL or similar CRT emulation in a future release?

Each time I've been away from the Amiga scene for a while and come back, there's a new WinUAE out with even more features and higher compatibility. Hats off to Toni for that! I really love the new auto scaling feature!

Anyways, I'm quite an arcade/MAME freak and after recently replacing my Makvision CRT with an LCD in my cabinet I have started experimenting with HLSL.

Now, is there a chance that HLSL (or similar CRT emulation) can be implemented in WinUAE? I just don't think that the current PAL filter cuts it for me, especially not after seeing what HLSL can do for MAME.

What I really need is slight blurring and good looking 1:1 pixel scanlines. The curving of the screen etc. isn't that important, although phosphor bleed emulation would be very cool.

I also noticed in some other threads that people were using external filters for scanline emulation in WinUAE. Does anyone want to elaborate on that?

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