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I am also getting a Sega Saturn from another guy (It has been like 2 or 3 months I've been trying to buy one)

I can tell a few games that I would like to have if I get this Dreamcast.

Ikaruga (Either the greatest shmup ever or the most overrated game ever .. anyway it's from Treasure, and I am yet to see a bad game from them.)
Bangaioh (Again , stuff from Treasure)
Crazy Taxi 1&2 (Fast, Furious and Fun.. never played 2 though)
Virtua Tennis 1&2 (Can Tennis be a fun sport? yes, it can )
Mars Matrix (Another shmup I've never played but I keep hearing about)
Power Stone (cool 3D fighting game, that takes real advantage of being in 3D)

Was Marvel Vs Capcom 2 published for the DC? If it was, that's other one I would like to have.

There are probably lots of other games I don't know.. I admit I don't know many DC games...
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