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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
For me, it's mostly file transfers.. And mostly for convenience, not speed.

It's much easier to have, for example, KG's whdload packs on my PC.
I have my Amiga on the network and just use FTP to grab one when I need it.
It's slowish, but not terrible..
Yes, I could put them on a CF card and transfer as needed, but it's just much easier to not do the sneakernet approach.

Of course, I have PCMCIA ethernet, not USB. I've gone back and forth on getting USB and have not been able to justify it.
But I'm glad people are working on it.

I didn't realize that WHDLoad and the USB stack didn't like each other.
Same reason you need to stop your networking stack, I assume?

Good info there..


For me it's IRC and Aminet :-)

I also browse the mobile Amibay and EAB sites.
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