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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
and I'm not really sure what users do with ethernet on the Amiga... file transfers are slow, web-browsing is painful.
For me, it's mostly file transfers.. And mostly for convenience, not speed.

It's much easier to have, for example, KG's whdload packs on my PC.
I have my Amiga on the network and just use FTP to grab one when I need it.
It's slowish, but not terrible..
Yes, I could put them on a CF card and transfer as needed, but it's just much easier to not do the sneakernet approach.

Of course, I have PCMCIA ethernet, not USB. I've gone back and forth on getting USB and have not been able to justify it.
But I'm glad people are working on it.

I didn't realize that WHDLoad and the USB stack didn't like each other.
Same reason you need to stop your networking stack, I assume?

Good info there..


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