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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
No, I told you IBrowse for example lets you select 020 No fpu and the next is 040 fpu. Only few programs will take use of the FPU really.
Okay Retro - So in short, it is not worth upgrading our expansion board with "anything" beyond our current set up of 4MB fast ram, because it will not increase the a1200's performance in running games or using the WB3.1. Plus amiga files can be transferred via the pcmcia slot without problems.

If we wanted to spend the money for the internet - the recommended confiq would be using a 8MB simm fast ram with kickstart 3.0 (better for pcmcia) and by using something like IBrowse with setting set to 020 and no fpu.

Got it, thanks. m

Also - OS versions higher than WB3.1 should be avoided without an accelerator (not an expansion board) of at least 68030

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