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BAAAH, I leave for 2 days, and look what it happens! A great tread I am missing.

Herzog Zwei is a GREAT game, and yes, it reminds me a little bit of Dune 2. In Herzog Zwei you control a ship, and you have a main base. In your main base, you can develop new units, like tanks and soldiers and stuff, and then you can use your ship to deploy them where you want. Your ship can also shoot and destroy the enemy units. Oh, and the game is played in a split-screen, so you can see all your enemy is doing. The game is GREAT in 2 players mode. The game actually is more a cross of a Shoot'em up with a strategy game, so I don't know if it can be called an RTS.

But it can't be called influential, as Herzog Zwei is actually a SEQUEL. Herzog , the 1st game, was publised for MSX , in 1987 if I remember correctly, and it plays a lot like Herzog Zwei, without the split-screen , and of course more simplier. Yet it's a great game, and it's has more emphasis in the shoot'em up area than Herzog Zwei.

X-Com (or UFO: Enemy Unknown ), can't be called influential. It's basically Laser Squad with some boring management stuff throw in.

There was a game called Bomberman for NES, and it's older than Dynablaster for PC-Engine, yes. But this NES game doesn't have the multiplayer option (Only the single player mode), and I think that's the real nice thing with Dynablaster and the follow-up bomberman games. And even before NES' Bomberman, there was Bomberman for MSX .. that's where the series begun, back in 1985. Bomberman for MSX has only single player mode, played in single screen stages, and it can easily called crap (Like 95% of the stuff Hudson made for the MSX).

Mario Bros was the first "Single screen, kill all enemies" platform game ever, and influented games like Bubble Bobble and Parasol Stars.

And I don't think we need to say why Super Mario Bros was influential.

I want to add Xevious to the list, as it was the 1st vertical shmup ever.

Maybe Robotron could be added to. Its control method was copied over and over through the year, and inspired games like Smash TV, Total Carnage and Bangaioh (I never played this one, though).

Pole Position, because I think it was the first sprite-based racing game to use a real wheel, and take advantage of it and also it was basically the set-up for the racing games that would come later (Including Lotus series and all).

Dragon's Lair , being crap and all, should be considered influential.
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