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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
everything that retrofan and i have llinked to will work on your card as long as you want a FPU (Floating Point Unit).

the fpu is for maths intensive programs and can (very basicly) be thought as an extra cpu to help out the main integer cpu built into the amiga or some 68020 and 68030 accelorator cards.
although,if all you want to do is play games on your amiga an fpu will be of little to no use.

as far as the oscilator is conscerned it is required for the fpu to work as the oscilator is a timer for the fpu (think of the oscilator as a sort of pace maker to help the fpu keep track of how fast to run) and sets it to its correct frequency(speed) in mhz.
Thanks Roy - So the 40MHz Xtal/ Quartz Crystal Osc/Oscillator and 68882 40Mhz FPU (PLCC) can and do work togther then? (Sorry I must have miss understood Retro, when he said the FPU would be harder to get)

It's good to know that the crystal is a necessary requirement of having a FPU and that a floating processor unit is beneficial for math intensive programs.

I guess this means that for gamers and WB3.1 users like me, it's not so important. But at least we now know - thank u
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