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FPU's & Crystal Questions...

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
retrofan,that oscilator will only work in that card if the socket is modified,heres one that can be just dropped in.
Hi Guys - Thanks for the info on that FPU & Crystal.

Was also really pleased to to have that link on the expansion board. So now we know it's "Magnum RAM 8" expansion board. Maybe now hunting down the manual for it should be easier - thanks

However, I know very little regarding FPU's (apart from the abbreviation) and even less about those Crystal Oscillators. Frequency Stability!?

I hear the FPU is required for some types of software but is having the Crystal Oscillator on this board as important or necessary? Is the crystal vital for the running of a FPU etc?

Finding a suitable FPU (like the 68882 40Mhz FPU (PLCC) retro mentioned) and easier to install (ie no socket modification) Crytsal (like the 40MHz Xtal Quartz Crystal Oscillator Roy mentioned) whose hardware presence is not "offended" by the other seems a little more complex. Retro mentioned the Xtal Crystal would make finding the right FPU harder...

Any further info on how the FPU & Crytsal work or maybe of benefit in using the a1200 or (probably most importantly) which FPU/Crystals are the most compatible with this Magnum 8MB Expansion board would be appreciated.

Thanks again
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