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How to transfer ADFs from PC to Amiga 500


I've recently bought an A500 (with RAM upgrade) and want to transfer ADFs from my old XP PC to it.

I've read everything I can find on the process, but it still doesn't make sense; there doesn't seem to be a simple, step-by-step process.

I have bought a null serial cable and have tried Amiga Explorer & ADF Sender Terminal.

Amiga Explorer looked promising (and easy), but it doesn't work. ADF works (sort of?) but I have no idea what I'm doing.

Here's what I've done so far:

Amiga Explorer:

I'm using Windows XP with an Administrator account, but Setup says that I need administrator privileges. It's set up to use COM1 by default, so it should be ok, but I thought I'd flag this.

After following the type ser: to ram:setup instruction, Amiga Explorer setup appears to "copy" files.

I'm then told to press Ctrl+C and OK, but BREAK does not appear on the Amiga.

Typing ram:setup results in "unable to load. file is not an object module".

Pressing OK on the PC fails with "error reading from COM port".

Why does this software fail on 2 counts?

ADF Sender Terminal

I downloaded Transwarp (and every zip on their site site for that matter) but am a bit stumped.

So far I've:

1. Followed the instructions to transfer transwarp to the Amiga

2. On running, it extracted transwarp but then said the archive was corrupt.

3. I ran copy ram:transwarp to c: which copied files to my Workbench disk

4. I tried copy ram:BaudBandit.device to devs: but baudbandit was not an object or module (or something like that)

Now what do I do?

I've read about 4 different readme's, but I am none the wiser on what to do next to transfer say, Holiday Lemmings.adf, to my Amiga to then write to a disk.

Can anyone help provide some clear, step by step instructions?

If I successfully manage to transfer an ADF, do I have to go through all the steps again, or do I write a program to disk and use that?

Your help would be very much appreciated.


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