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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I wonder what the game would look like if you switched to 32 colour mode (or maybe 64) with this setup instead:

Use 4 sprites for the parallax layer, but attached so 15 (unique) colours. Have a copperlist that repeats the sprites across the screen so you would have a 128 pixel wide background across the entire screen. This would eliminate the gaps that appear in certain places.
I understand what you were saying now. I've been thinking lately on vertical sprite re-use to create a status bar and ground objects; got confused. I've never tried using the copper to re-use the sprites, but attaching 8 across the screen was one the possiblilites as I was 'writing up' the display attributes.
Been messing with the current display, scrolling it in 1 vbl, with the parallax layer and player sprites updating every 2. Working out the rest of the updates including synching the blits properly, but it's much smoother and runs well with 2 enemy bobs up. Trying this I also discovered a faster and more accurate AI routine which I can definitely use. It pays to go digging sometimes.

Your posts got me trying ASMpro again... ah, maybe one day.
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