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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Difficult question. The thing is that 3.1 made a mistake about the PCMCIA with 8mb not being recognized. Just using CWB Full I don't see any difference, but perhaps other can tell better.

You can take in and out those kickstarts and change them several times while you make it with care. BUT if you don't find the manual of the card, you better buy that 8mb ram (they are cheap) and first try it, then if the PCMCIA doesn't work decide if you want to try with 3.0
Hi Retro - we have been unable to find the manual for the expansion board. Think I'll start a new thread asking people if they recognise what model of expansion board it is and if anyone has a softcopy of it.

Thanks for the warning on those 3.1's Roms and 8MB RAM pcmcia problems
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