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Many Thanks for all your help :)

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
that is a very sensible option

using the cf card reader as a transfer option does actually work,i do this myself.
Sounds good RB - So for obtaining files I guess there are 2 options:

First it's either reinstall the old kickstart 3.0 (Roms), then buy the additional 8MB simms (admittedly cheap), then get the additional pcmcia ethernet cables and software and then when i need to switch the jumpers on expansion board back to 4MB i can fry myself in a moment of clueless ness! (lol)

Or - use the CF adapter & pcmcia method. Hmmmm, decisions...

Think I do it that way Thanks again for all your help on this Roy (& Retro). It has been much appreciated.

Really pleased to part of the forum, feel you guys have taught me a lot here

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