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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
No, the jumpers are in your "accelerator" (really is only ram board). You must find where do you change it to use 2, 4 or 8mb, and see where does the small plastic piece (jumper) has to be; between which pins.

Well, to start the kickstarts 3.0 use to be cheaper than the 3.1 that you've got. You can buy them for example here:

You take out the existing ones with care and insert these. The thing is that the CWB you install in the CF has to be for those kickstarts. If you do the install using WinUAE (you better do) you have there also the floppy image of the Install floppy (adf) of 3.1 or the one of the Workbench 3.0 that CWB will ask you to "insert" in WinUAE to install it. If you install it with the 3.1 install floppy, you better use it with kickstarts 3.1, and the same on the contrary. It's true that it can work if you don't do so, but also it's commented it gives problems sonner or latter.
Appreciated Retro - i mentioned to Roy that i doub't i'll be changing those jumper settings without supervision (lol) But thanks for letting me know what to look for.

I have some 3.0 Roms but currently not on the motherboard. Does having 3.1 make any overall improvements to the a1200 hardware? May reinstall the older chips if not.

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