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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
hmm,thats a very good question.

i dont actually know if you can go online with 4mb's of ram or not.maybe one of the other guys on here could tell you.

as just veiwing web pages uses memory.

EDIT: i actually think it depends on the screenmode and amount of colours used to display the web browser.
Thanks RB - from what u & retro say it seems 8MB is a safer bet when going online.

Aminet & WHDLoad would be our only point of reference for file downloading. And we would be happy to use as little colours as possible both screen and browser wise.

But i guess we can now always use the CF Card Adapter for obtaining files. Maybe it's a cheaper than buying the necessary ethernet pcmcia cables and relevant software.

We will need to buy a USB CF Card reader however as our windows home pc's are without pcmcia - just USB

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