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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
my 8mb board doesent seem to course problems with the pcmcia slot,although it may be down to the kickstart difference between 3.0 and 3.1 and maybe not the board itself.
(code difference in the rom itself)

although at the same time there are boards that are not pcmcia freindly anyway.

or it could even be both the kickstart roms version and the board.

these problems may only arise when using pcmcia ethernet cards,and then you may run into another problem known as cc-reset bug.(a hardware problem)
Thanks again, I was thinking about getting a 8MB simm for that board so that i could use the a1200 on the internet.

But if using such pcmcia ethernet cards can be problematic on 8MB, it may be best to stick with 4MB already there. Although it's good to know that expansion boards with 8MB simms can an do work with pcmcia.

Am I right in saying that a 4MB expansion is not suitable for the internet?

D'oh - Sorry, ignore that question!! Retro already explanded that previously - 4MB is suitable

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