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I agree, although I've been wondering if there's a more memory efficient way of storing the data to make it more viable for floppy users. What I have in mind is an expanding HD file with the stages available as single disk demos. The disk usage isn't very efficient ATM, there was a lot of palette swapping that I kept several .iff files on the disk for, even though I cleared the unnecessary image data.
Also the characters will be stored as .iff and ripped; Haggar's data needs to be put onto one sprite sheet, it's mostly in one place but there were several edits as single images.
I'll put this on the 'to do' list for the next upload.

The same also applies to the SFX (.iff) and music (octamed). You can use your own, if the music playback is slow then speed it up in octamed and save. The timing of the playback is different to when playing it through the sequencer – updating in 2 vbl which is I believe what accounts for the change.
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