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Originally Posted by Vegas View Post
Hi clitosa! Yeah, setting up WinUAE can be difficult. I guess we all spent several nights fiddling around with it. However, its a nice way to learn about, how the Amiga and the Workbench works and also to try out things without messing up your real-Amiga system every time. For example, trying different Workbench setups.

For the Kickstart Rom files, you dont necessarily need AmigaForever. If you have a real Amiga, you can use tools like GrabKick ( It reads the installed Rom from the Amiga and writes the content into a small file, which you can then use in WinUAE. Maybe this sounds difficult, but its actually really easy.

On the other hand, AmigaForever is an awesome thing to get started with the Amiga. Its really well done and comes with tons of additional content, up to you
Thanks Vegas. Yep, guess it easier than it sounds. Especially for those more knowledgeable on such matters. But as a novice working alone, I'd do well not to touch it - previous mistakes have been costly

AF UAE preconfigs sound much better than anything i could currently assemble and therefore a safer option.
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