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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
No, I haven't found any more info. I guess it can have that problem, so to use internet it should use only 4Mb.

Edit: :
"P.S. I changed that page on BBoAH to take out the line:
It has been reported to recognise 8MB even if the PCMCIA slot is in use, but there's no guarantee that it will not cause problems if memory usage becomes high.
It is inaccurate as no 8MB A1200 RAM cards can be PCMCIA safe and have 8MB. "

clitosa no, you don't need fpu to use Ibrowse and have internet. There are browsers that work without it (AWeb, IBrowse, Voyager...). The ACA's don't have it either. Your problem is that surely you only can use 4mb to keep using the pcmcia, which you will need to connect wifi or ethernet or to transfer files. For what I've heard you can use kickstarts 3.0 and use the 8mb still using Pcmcia.
Hi R, good news then. It's a not the fpu (which i understand this expansion board is without?)

So with our 4mb expansion and something like AWeb, IBrowse, Voyager, would we then be able to go line to go?
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