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Floppy disk Problems using PCMCIA 128MB CF Card on WB3.1

Hi everyone. I have a PCMCIA CF Card on my a1200. However when i put the CF & CF adapter into the PCMCIA slot, the WB disk image for it (i think this is also known as a ADF?) does not show on the desktop.

I have ADAPCMCFL floppy disk. Does this need to be inserted into the floppy drive for this to work? Or should the software on this floppy be installed onto the amiga HD first for it to work with the CF card in the PCMCIA slot?

If the software from the ADAPCMCFL disk DOES need to be installed first, then I think it may already have been installed because we have seen the 128MBCF icon on the desktop before when the CF Card has been inserted. Very confusing

I believe I'm doing something wrong. Is there a way to view a list of all of the software installed on the amiga HD? That would help in finding out if the necessary (if necessary at all?!) software for use with the 128MB CF Card & PCMCIA adapter was installed or not.

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