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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
Thanks Retro . I've heard you really need Amiga Forever to use UAE because AF comes with those necessary ROM files which are otherwise copyright. Is that correct? Although i was thinking of avoiding UAE entirely as my past experiences of attempting UAE 1200 configurations have been done incorrectly. Online help for a stable expanded 1200 config (for games & if possible internet) on UAE latest 2.4.1 seems illusive.
If you want a heavy updated and already configured experience using WinUAE but without selecting anything, and if you have OS3.9 or OS3.5 (and the roms of A-Forever) you can install in your PC Amikit

Yes you need the rom files that are in Amiga Forever to use WinUAE, and it has also preconfigured OS's like Amikit and AmigaSYS or others.

Edit: That ram expansion you've got can have till 8Mb, and you could buy also a FPU and a crystal for it. ,
That's a perfect board for WHDLoad, internet even. You should find the manual for it to see how the jumpers have to be changed for changing memory and using the FPU if you buy them.


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