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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
You are welcome. No, it won't have all the games, I think it will only have the partitions, and if you want just to install OS3.1 it has somekind of easy-installer, so if you want CWB you'll have to install it by yourself, but better ask them. Anyway a thing you have to start using is WinUAE or buy Amiga Forever. You can find a lot of threads about them. There you can install things for the Amiga using a card reader for the CF that you will be using later on the miggy.
Thanks Retro . I've heard you really need Amiga Forever to use UAE because AF comes with those necessary ROM files which are otherwise copyright. Is that correct? Although i was thinking of avoiding UAE entirely as my past experiences of attempting UAE 1200 configurations have been done incorrectly. Online help for a stable expanded 1200 config (for games & if possible internet) on UAE latest 2.4.1 seems illusive.

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