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It runs fine on pegasos amigaos 4.1 and my smartphone :-). But I can really recommend scummvm 68k for the more adventure based games if you are using a 68k. I also saw dosbox was available for my Samsung TV if I use SamyGO.
But I can still see some potential in a dosbox emulator for the later versions of 68k's (at least 68040 and '60). I believe if a JIT version with a reverse memory model is developed, that it can run all DOS games available up till those made for 386/486SX and DOS specifically and a few of those made for the 486DX. With Windows I believe things will get a lot harder especially because the memory limitations was broken and the graphics card developed at that time really began to drive the way for new kind of games for PCs with DirectX (not just for 3D). Even topend games for DOS will be a problem if they really push a graphics card to its fullest, but I think those kind of games are 'rare' and should have been set on a Windows platform instead.

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