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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
This is the only site you have to search for:

Bloodwych recommends a top of Classic Workbench Full or Classic Workbench Adv (well, he says 6Mb). No, I woudn't use 3.5 with 4Mb. The top would be ADVSP using Scalos. In your place and to start I would use the Full or Adv version.

Edit: Well, of course you can try the Lite too. And BTW, do you know what you would be using to play games with OS4.1? An emulator of Amigas to play games in an Amiga.
Thanks Retro. Guess there's no point have a slow 3.5. Will look into getting a copy of that Classic WB. Looks better than 3.1, but would you say it actually "is" better? Do you think the full version is good the a1200 in question?

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
just stick to what youve got,and get a 4 gig cf card for games it'll be fine.

dont bother with os 3.5(its a bloated os along with 3.9) just use 3.0 or 3.1 it wont matter a bit honest.the lighter it is the the less ram it uses.

this is what i ment by 68k:
any of these cpu's is 68k and runs os 1.2 to 3.9

68020 (this is you)
68060 (this is me,this crazy dude)

as for ppc these can run os 4.0 to 4.1
603 and 604 (this is the rich and crazy,just like me)

there are other ppc amigas,but there even more expensive.
Nice 1 Roy - you just cleared up my confusion on those 68k's. So what we got here is a 68020 (68k) cpu with 4MB Ram.

Rich? Lol - i wish. I think if people love workbench enough to use it for more than just playing games, then they can justify the cost of those ppc's. Personally, I use it for those retro games. Although (eventually) I would like to go online with it for file purposes, writing letters and printing. Nothing (I'm guessing) that is outside the capabilities of WB3.1

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Lol Roy. I'm not rich, but I'm absolutely stupid (an step more than crazy) to have also a PPC... there it is getting dust.

As he says, clitosa, you don't need anything else to start but a Cf (with the adapter), although I would buy an 8Gb one if you can, and Sandisk.

Edit: Oh... I forgot. You can make all easiest buying an already made Cf with 4Gb:

If you like it, tell them to use PFS3, as they do and it's the best file system.
Good man - thank u. Have heard those CF HD's are faster and that the old 3.5" HD will not last forever (magnetic media) CLI question, does that version of WHDLoad included with the CF come with all the games?

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