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Very nice dark feel Synchro

I've high hopes for this one but I do hope DB pays more attention to the idea of this being an Elite homage and what that means. Frontier was it's own thing and I did enjoy what it did and accomplished, but a lot of that seemed at the expense of what made Elite pure. Not that I had a problem with the deeper aspects of Frontier, rather it felt more a technical marvel than anything, instead of the game that Elite felt like

One aspect of Elite that worked better was that saving only took place between stations. Frontier removed this and while it was understandable given the change in scale , that sense of tension from risk vs reward station to station was entirely removed. The save state is an an actual feature at that point, included if things get to hectic but it's inclusion is a shame for certain games like this

And with that said of course this may just be online only which is entirely different. I think most people that played this way back always envisioned what Elite could be if it involved real players, and the reality is this potential may finally be delivered

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