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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Lol Roy. I'm not rich, but I'm absolutely stupid (an step more than crazy) to have also a PPC... there it is getting dust.

As he says, clitosa, you don't need anything else to start but a Cf, although I would buy an 8Gb one if you can, and Sandisk.

no dont think your stupid ,but im deffinitly crazy for having 060 and ppc based amigas

actually,clitosa what ram expansion have you got? maybe it can take 8mb simms.

and please dont be offended by the word "low end" as years ago i used to think the stock machines where under powered and dident have anough ram to do such things as raytracing and picture manipulation out the box(playing games can be done just with a stock machine just fine)and what i say does not mean im trying to insult anyone.

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