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I use Classic Workbench ADVSP (A1200, Blizzard 030/50, CF 4gb, Indi Mk2)
Can somebody please explain why do I get a black screen when I use HighGFX 1024x768 ? I use DVI to DVI connection. I only get black screen when I open larger windows with a lot of folders (games) then I need to reset the power supply. In PAL High Res Laced it works perfectly, no crashes. Also, when I launch games, they seem to "switch" form full screen workbench to a smaller windowed type. Will I be able to correct this with the config tool ?

When I use DVI to RGB connector I get full screen workbench with HighGFX 1024x768 and when I launch games they are full screen too but with vertical stripes! Hmmmm.... when I open larger windows in workbench then I get all kinds of corruptions but no black screen.

I am using this monitor: LG M227WDP Flatron

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