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Thanks for taking a look Codetapper. I spent a long time on your website researching ways to approach the hardware; it's one of the best resources out there.
I wanted to go down the same road as 'Risky Woods' which is I believe very similar to what you suggesting. If I knew I could achieve that and keep the speed respectable then I'd go that way for sure. This is more about my abilities than the Amiga hardware!
As you can imagine I've tried different combinations of screenmodes:-
The backgrounds look ace done even with 31 colours and 15 colours is all that's needed for the parallax layer (not achieved both of these at once, only 31col ,6 bpl and 15/15, 8 bpl). What would be interesting is to go back now there's something of a game engine and take a look at the speed using the player as a bob.

What I found during those early tests was that the speed was far below what I was expecting - in the panic I switched to using a sprite and had to use 8 bitplanes just to simulate any sort of 3d effect vs the bobs, which I was very reluctant to do! The offshoot of that was I didn't have to redraw the background under the bobs which now sit on a transparent layer.
Which leaves the parallax layer. For the first level it's easy to hide the gaps behind the buildings, but that won't be the case in later levels. I was thinking I'd have to lose the parallax for some sections, again negating the speed advantage using a sprite vs amount of colours.

The sprites were all taken from the spriters resource and similar websites, inevitably there were still a few frames missing that were not difficult to acquire using MAME. They are as Frikilokoo stated reduced slightly from the arcade versions and need a bit of nursing afterwards. The backgrounds were ripped using MAME and taking screenshots etc. It's the re-colouring that's the real pig!

I'm going to re-visit the screenmodes and maybe I'll post the results if they're any good.

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