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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
OK, this is the point where I have to give a word of warning: If someone who hasn't come forward with *any* kind of hardware design before is telling you that an 060 design is "definitely planned", you should not set your hopes too high. It's more than just PCB routing involved in such a development.

You're losing credibility in less than "one second" if you don't come forward with something that has at least a tenth of the complexity of an accelerator. So far, there's three people left in the Amiga market who are capable of grasping the complexity of such a project. Name one, only one project and show a prototype, otherwise step back from promises like "I'll make an accelerator". As it stands right now, you're creating false hope.

Everyone else: Watch this closely! Promises have been made, hardly a single thing was refused as "too complex", although maximum-complexity things have been requested. This is fishy at best, as long as the person behind it has never come forward with *any* kind of hardware design. As it stands right now, this is yet another Oliver Hannaford-Day or Adam Kowalczyk.

I completely understand your reaction, 100%. You are absolutely right. I have no credibility, I have no prior experience developing Amiga-specific hardware and I have made lots of lofty promises. I have no intention of developing or even attempting to an accelerator until I am at a point where I feel I have a real chance of success. I never said I will release an 060 accelerator, I only said its planned. I have no intention of blowing smoke or decieving anyone with false promises. An accelerator might never happen. I had said it was a direction to work towards. I know its something people would be happy to have, and I know how happy I would be to give it to them. I am starting small, as I have said, and I plan to release many things before a project like that is even begun. This is a learning experience for me too. I'm sure I'll need your expertise before I'm done, if you're willing to share it that is. Right now I'm trying to determine just what direction I should go for my first original project, which is why I started these threads. People have sort of become fixated on the accelerator which I had said from the beginning is a long term goal and a thing to work towards. I love everyones suggestions and comments, but for just one second let's try something. Completely putting aside any sort of accelerator, please finish this sentence: The piece of Amiga hardware I want developed the mosst, besides an accelerator is _________.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
But if an affordable 060 board was released for the 1000/500/2000 etc then folk would take advantage of it IMO.

This chip really is the pinnacle of the 68k world and I personally would luv to be able to put one in one of my 500's just for PovRay and I know PovRay is a millions times faster on my quad core pc but that's not the point, my Amiga is a fun computer to use, my pc is just a boring appliance!

@Jens, I doubt that Rogue is going to start off with an 060 board but he did call for ideas and so folk are giving them to him. You could learn from that! Take your aca500 for example, that thing is a joke, if you want to make an adapter so folk can put your aca12xx products into 500's then just do that! but dont insult 500 owners by building a half a$$ed board with a redundant CPU and a pathetic amount of ram! Make a genuine adapter that only has truIDE and maybe USB and Ethernet, it'll be far cheaper and use less power making your exp500 (name intentional, feel free to use it if you come to your senses) wildly popular and leading to more sales of your aca12xx boards.
I really appreciate the support, but the last thing I want is for this thread to degenerate into mudslinging or ever worse, into an attack on Jens and his products. Jens has done so much for this community, and I can say with pride that I own many of his products and have never been disappointed by them. His scepticism is completely natural. Being one of the foremost authorities on Amiga hardware, when a newcomer comes out of nowhere with big ideas and big plans the natural response is scepticism and hostility, simply because how many people have done exactly this and then dropped the ball, whether because they want to stroke their ego or because they don't know what they're getting into or whatever. The point is I don't hold that reaction against him and neither should anyone else, at least if you're trying to defend me. Let's just focus on what we love and why we're here: Amigas.

Now then, having said that... I have finished the first redesign of the Thylacine. This version has not moved much around, just two caps, but I have already cut almost half of the card off so far. I wanted to just get something out there for you guys, so as soon as I get back to my computer I will post the revised layout. The next version will be more condensed, hopefully to about the size of a Deneb or slightly larger. Stay tuned!
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