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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
But imagine as you just clearly said, that if all stuff on C64 runs on stock hardware, how much room there is on the stock Amigas to work with. Putting efforts on 060s that few have is a bit weird.
But if an affordable 060 board was released for the 1000/500/2000 etc then folk would take advantage of it IMO.

This chip really is the pinnacle of the 68k world and I personally would luv to be able to put one in one of my 500's just for PovRay and I know PovRay is a millions times faster on my quad core pc but that's not the point, my Amiga is a fun computer to use, my pc is just a boring appliance!

@Jens, I doubt that Rogue is going to start off with an 060 board but he did call for ideas and so folk are giving them to him. You could learn from that! Take your aca500 for example, that thing is a joke, if you want to make an adapter so folk can put your aca12xx products into 500's then just do that! but dont insult 500 owners by building a half a$$ed board with a redundant CPU and a pathetic amount of ram! Make a genuine adapter that only has truIDE and maybe USB and Ethernet, it'll be far cheaper and use less power making your exp500 (name intentional, feel free to use it if you come to your senses) wildly popular and leading to more sales of your aca12xx boards.

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