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If joysticks work then new drivers won't help. Unfortunately I don't know what is wrong.. (CW works here without problems)

You can even boot from your old amiga floppys direct from uae.
Does it work in real-time or does it cache the disk first?

CW needs to read full track to its internal buffer first until the data can be read by UAE (I don't like this hardware limitation). This unfortunately will cause pauses in emulation (or random disk errors due to time outs if we don't want to pause emulation)

It will let you boot anything, even original copy protected games.
This can't be possible. Linux UAE's floppy emulation can't support most copy protections and reading some (many?) copy protected floppies with Catweasel is nearly impossible without knowledge of protection type.

EDIT: I checked the Linux driver ( and it only supports standard AmigaDOS formatted floppies. Copy protected floppies can't work with this driver.

But at least this driver is very good starting point for direct Catweasel support for WinUAE. Maybe even in next release...

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