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Ok, you get the modern board design and all that. Then, what?
As it is the Amiga scene is pretty dead, not even the demoscene is very active. You wouldn't get anything developed for the fantastic new 060 board.

Meanwhile I see a product like the 1541Ultimate which is being actively used to push the limits of the C64 and used in a scene which is HIGHLY active. It really makes me sad how under appreciated the Amiga is being, it has a load of potential to do so much more than what it already did. We're pretty much stuck in time

I feel like we have a lot of super powerful hardware being developed, but nothing to use it with and, as such, wasting it. An Amiga with an ACA accelerator, USB, an Indivision and what not, feels totally wasted just to play old games through WHDLoad.

If it wasn't by people the few that still push it software-wise (Toni, Mrs. Beanbag, PeterK, Britelite, etc) there wouldn't be anything at all to look forward to regarding the Amiga and in many cases they are focusing on even more restricted hardware, because they realize the limits have barely been broken.

But I digress now!
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