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OK, this is the point where I have to give a word of warning: If someone who hasn't come forward with *any* kind of hardware design before is telling you that an 060 design is "definitely planned", you should not set your hopes too high. It's more than just PCB routing involved in such a development.

You're losing credibility in less than "one second" if you don't come forward with something that has at least a tenth of the complexity of an accelerator. So far, there's three people left in the Amiga market who are capable of grasping the complexity of such a project. Name one, only one project and show a prototype, otherwise step back from promises like "I'll make an accelerator". As it stands right now, you're creating false hope.

Everyone else: Watch this closely! Promises have been made, hardly a single thing was refused as "too complex", although maximum-complexity things have been requested. This is fishy at best, as long as the person behind it has never come forward with *any* kind of hardware design. As it stands right now, this is yet another Oliver Hannaford-Day or Adam Kowalczyk.

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