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I must confirm everything Jens has said. If I just listened him from the start I wouldn't waste so much time. There is no easy start and there are certain procedures you need to follow. Before using Altium Designer I was trying to use every single program existed and there it was just waste of time. I didn't wanted to use that software because it seems so complicated for me but after few days I just find out that I have every tools in single package and it is worthy to spend some time to learn how to use it. Regarding prototype boards, there is no way to build it from scratch it takes time and you just can't get everything working in proper order. Try to imagine that you need to solder 1000 of "green" wires by hand and then to track what's wrong. It is easier to build PCB prototype for just 10 USD or so every 30 days and to correct some errors in process of building next prototype. But there is one thing that I can't agree with Jens, for projects like this you don't need lot of money, there are certain strategies you can use to start every project and to save lot of money. You can create test equipment bu your own, you can even find PCB production for free or order free parts for prototyping.You are forgetting most important think in this, there are lot of people who are in high positions in major electrical companies who remember Amiga and your nostalgic approach can open the door in their hart to help you. So I received most of the parts for free, significant money donations, support regarding every single device I m using. So money for this kind of projects is no object you just have to prepare yourself for hard work 10 or more hours per day.
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