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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
I am interested in what Robert may have planned as I am thinking about what game I would like to make next after my Danagermouse text adventure - would love to do an update of some of the BBC Micro arcade adventure / platform games but would need some help with graphics as I release how time consuming game projects are, even simple text ones, let alone ones requiring sprites and background graphics.
I'd like to create an Amiga platform game. Something similar in style to [ Show youtube player ] would be nice, but I'm also interested in porting recent Spectrum creations Kid Cadet and Kid Cadet 2 over to the Amiga.

The latter two titles are flip screen. I'm not sure if Backbone supports that, so they'd have to be scrollers.

I'd certainly be interested in being part of a project, but feel that at present both my AMOS and Backbone skills are sadly lacking. I'm hoping that I can use some of the forthcoming Christmas break to improve.
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